Why Do You Call Me Ishmael When You Know My Name Is Bernie? (Edgeworks Abbey, 2018 1st Edition)

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From a tour of Harlan’s favorite films of the ’40s to an account of the best comics of the ’90s, WHY DO YOU CALL ME ISHMAEL WHEN YOU KNOW MY NAME IS BERNIE? gathers an omnifarious array of Ellisonian essays that use popular culture as a window on sociology and politics, art as an insight into the human soul, and Dashiel Hammett for an English lesson.

Most of these essays began life as introductions to one book or another, some made one-off appearances in magazines, and at least one did both! They may have been written for a myriad of reasons, but–at the end of the day–they all offer a look inside the mind of the man who crafted them…a man not named Ishmael…or Bernie…though he has been known to sign books he doesn’t care for as “Herman Melville.”

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Contents (not in final sequence):
Aaarghh! Help! The Giant Ant Ate My Maidenform Bra
Cain Ever So Able
Embrace the Departing Shadow
A Few Words anent Woolrich
The Films of the ’40s
A Gunsel Is Not a Pistolero
Introduction to ASTRO CITY: Family Album by Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson
Introduction to BUT I DIGRESS by Peter David
Introduction to WIZARD: The DC Library Book
Liner notes for the Cerberus Records release of Ennio Morricone’s Tre Donne and Kill the Fatted Calf [Untitled album liner notes, dated 16 October 84]
Mortal Dreads (substantially re-written version of the SHATTERDAY introduction)
An Oz Essay
Shmoo Goes There
Special Dreamer
Vidiot’s Delight
The Year of the Scorpion
Trimalchio in West Egg

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