Deathbird Stories (2010 Subterranean Press Advanced Uncorrected Proof Paperback)


NOTE: This is an advanced uncorrected proof, similar to the final release version, but bound as a trade paperback and intended for reviewers.

“When belief in a god dies…the god dies. When the last acolyte renounces his faith and his lost continent sinks beneath the waves, the gods he feared become mere mist and memory. Then new lands and new beliefs hold sway. And new, powerful gods rule the world. These are stories of the gods we worship today. The grimoires and NECRONOMICONS of the gods of the freeway, of the ghetto blacks, of the coaxial cable; the paingod and the rock god and the god of neon…gods that live in city streets and slot machines. The God of Smog and the God of Freudian Guilt. The Machine God. Know them here, know them now…they rule the nights through which we move. They control your destiny.”

from the introduction

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Cover by Tom Kidd.

This expanded, 35th anniversary edition of Harlan Ellison’s most iconic collection included three new short stories and three new non-fiction pieces.

Foreword: Oblations at Alien Altars
A Word about Time
From A to Z, in the Sarsaparilla Alphabet
The Whimper of Whipped Dogs [1974 Edgar Allan Poe Award, Best Short Story]
Along the Scenic Route
On the Downhill Side
O Ye of Little Faith
Scartaris, June 28th
Basilisk [1972 Locus Poll Award, Best Short Fiction]
The Face of Helene Bournouw
Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans: Latitude 38°54′ N, Longitude 77°00′ 13″ W W [1975 Hugo Award, Best Novelette; 1975 Locus Poll Award, Best Novelette]
Rock God
Bleeding Stones
Ernest and the Machine God
Delusion for a Dragon Slayer
Shattered Like a Glass Goblin
Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes
At the Mouse Circus
The Place With No Name
The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore [included in 1993 edition of BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES]
The Deathbird [1973 Jupiter Award, Best Short Story; 1974 Hugo Award, Best Novelette; 1974 Locus Poll Award, Best Short Fiction]
Afterword: Moving in Mysterious Ways
A Word About the Cover Art

Material in red is exclusive to this Expanded Edition of DEATHBIRD STORIES; these pieces cannot be found in other editions of the book.

394p, First Expanded Trade Hardcover Edition. ISBN: 9781596060852.

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