Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor #02


Have you ever had that exquisitely blinding moment of awareness, that instant of epiphany, in which you knew, damned well knew, without question, that you were having one of the best days of your life…or that you were enjoying True Love…or were deeply involved in a project that would one day loom in your memory as The Best of Times? That’s the way we all feel about our enigmatic involvement with Dream Corridor. Like those who worked on the first comic-book issues of Mad; like those who created the glory days of The Harvard Lampoon and went on their way to invent National Lampoon and “Saturday Night Live”; like those who realized halfway through the filming of Casablanca and Citizen Kane and Field of Dreams that they were sitting on the lip of Great Art, with Posterity grinning at them; those of us going from issue to issue with Dream Corridor understand that this is One Of The Special Jobs. Like working in a band beside Bix Beiderbecke; or being there the first night the Beatles went onstage in Hamburg; or sitting in the first row at Montreaux for the Miles Davis tribute. We are imbued with a sense of being at precisely the right place, at the most diamond-perfect moment.

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#2 April 1995. Dark Horse Comics. 32p.

Framing sequences rendered by Eric Shanower.
“S.R.O.” – Adapted by Steve Niles; Art, John K. Snyder III.
“I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream” (Part Two of Four) – Adapted by John Byrne.
“Enter the Fanatic, Stage Center” – Adapted by Stefan Petrucha; Art by Tom Sutton.
“Anywhere But Here With Anybody But You.” Story based on the cover by Leo & Diane Dillon.

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