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Only fools try to outsmart tidal waves. No matter how worthy you imagine yourself to be, no matter how deeply you believe in your cause, Oscar Wilde was right when he observed, “A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.” We believed, as we still believe, that Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor is what comics were created to aspire to: A classy and entertaining anthology filled with stories that can roll your socks up and down your ankles, adapted by the very best writers and illustrators in the business. From Peter David and David Lapham to Mike Deodato and John Byrne, every issue of Dream Corridor came at you with the delightful, memorable, and unexpected. Then the debacle happened. The market went up in flames and down in ashes. Mad, costumed trivia tore out its guts with both hands and ate its own innards. We chose to climb to the cool peaks and look down on the lunacy. Now the foolish fads and crossovers have subsided for a time, and Dream Corridor is back. Larger, in a 64-page, quarterly format, but without alteration in what you adored.

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#5 July 1995. Dark Horse Comics. 32p.

Framing sequence rendered by Eric Shanower; Colored by Bernie Mireault; Lettering by Richard Starkings and Comicraft.
“One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty” – Adapted by Jan Strnad; Illustrated by Paul Chadwick; Lettered by Bill Spicer; Colored by Bernie Mireault.
“The Voice in the Garden.” – Brett Blevins; Colored by Dave Nestelle; Lettered by Michael Taylor.
“The Lingering Scent of Woodsmoke” – Story written for the cover by Terese Nielsen.
“Gnomebody” – Adapted by John Ostrander; Penciled by Martin Nodell; Inked by Jed Hotchkiss; Colored by Gregory Wright; Lettered by Sean Konot.
“Opposites Attract” – Adapted by Tony Isabella; Illustrated by Rags Morales; Colored by Marie Severin; Lettered by Clem Robbins.
“Rock God” – Illustrated by Neal Adams.

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