Harlan Ellison’s Watching (2008 M Press Trade Paperback)


The first of Harlan’s two volumes of film-cum-cultural criticism.

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The 1989 Bram Stoker Award winner for Best Non-Fiction Book. The first of two volumes collecting Harlan’s film-cum-cultural criticism column from F&SF (as well as earlier columns from diverse publications) and movie reviews.


New Introduction by Leonard Maltin
Foreword by George Kirgo

Introduction: Crying “Water!” in a Crowded Theater
PART ONE: In Which the Critic Blames It All on a Warped Childhood
PART TWO: In Which the Critic Turns His Forepaw to Semiotic NeoMarxist Post-Feminist Post-Structuralist Lacanian Kristevan Uninvested Postmodern Deconstructionist Cine-Fabulist Scholarship Thingee Stuff
PART THREE: In Which the Critic Attempts to Escape the Gas Chamber by Explaining His Motives, Not Raising His Voice in Anger Though Insulting Everyone in Sight, and by Explaining How

He Came to This Occupation
Darkness in Magic Caverns
A nostalgic appreciation of movie-going American Film Institute Report, May, 1973

from Cinema [1965-1968]
The Train
Von Ryan’s Express
Mickey One
The War Lord
The Battle of the Bulge
Juliet of the Spirits
You’re a Big Boy Now!
Beau Geste
Up the Down Staircase
Rosemary’s Baby
Les Carabiniers

from diverse publications
Hard Contract
Harlan Ellison’s Handy Guide to 2001: A Space Odyssey
Silent Running

Harlan Ellison: Screening Room [1973]
1st Installment, January 19, 1973
2nd Installment, February 16, 1973
A Sort of Interview With Peter Boyle, February 16, 1973
3rd Installment, March 2, 1973
4th Installment, March 23, 1973

Harlan Ellison’s Watching [First Series, 1977-1978]
1st Installment, November 1977
2nd Installment: Luke Skywalker Is a Nerd and Darth Vader Sucks Runny Eggs
Star Trek: The Motionless Picture

Harlan Ellison’s Watching [Second Series, 1984-1989]
Installment 1: In Which We Begin Our Journey
Installment 2: In Which Sublime and Ridiculous Pass Like Ships in the Night
Installment 3: In Which We Scuffle Through the Embers
Installment 4: In Which We Discover Why the Children Don’t Look Like Their Parents
Installment 5: In Which the Left Hand Giveth Praise and the Right Hand Sprayeth for Worms of Evil
Installment 6: In Which We Learn What Is Worse Than Finding a Worm of Evil in the Apple
Installment 7: In Which an Attempt Is Made to Have One’s Cake and Eat It, Too
Installment 8: In Which Some Shrift Is Given Shortly, Some Longly, and the Critic’s Laundry Is Reluctantly Aired
Installment 9: In Which the Fortunate Reader Gets to Peek Inside the Fabled Black Tower
Installment 10: In Which the Fabled Black Tower Meets Dune With As Much Affection As Godzilla Met Ghidrah
Installment 11: In Which Nothing Terribly Profound Occurs
Installment 12 In Which Several Things Are Held Up to the Light… Not a Brain in Sight
Installment 13: In Which Numerous Ends (Loose) Are Tied Up; Some Configuration of a Noose (Hangman’s)
Installment 14: In Which We Sail to the Edge of the World and Confront the Abyss, Having Run out of Steam
Installment 14 1/2: In Which the Unheard-of Is Heard, Kind Of
Installment 15: In Which a Gourmet Feast Is Prepared of Words a Mere Two Months Old
Installment 16: In Which a Forest Is Analyzed Without Recourse to Any Description of a Tree
Installment 17: In Which We Unflinchingly Look a Gift Horse in the Choppers
Installment 18: In Which We Goeth Before a Fall
Installment 19: In Which We Long for the Stillness of the Lake, the Smooth Swell of the Sea
Installment 20: In Which Manifestations of Arrested Adolescence Are Shown to Be Symptoms of a Noncommunicable Dopiness, Thank Goodness
Installment 21: In Which You and a Large Group of Total Strangers Are Flipped the Finger by the Mad Masters of Anthropomorphism
Installment 22: In Which the Land Echoes to the Sound of an Ox of a Different Color Being Gored
Installment 23: In Which Premonitions of the Future Lie in Wait to Swallow Shadows of the Past
Installment 24: In Which Flora and Fauna Come to a Last Minute Rescue, Thereby Preventing the Forlorn From Handing It All Over to the Cockroaches
Installment 25: In Which the Specter at the Banquet Takes a Healthy Swig From the Flagon With the Dragon, Or Maybe the Chalice From the Palace
Installment 26: In Which a Good Time Was Had by All and an Irrelevant Name-Dropping of Fritz Leiber Occurs for No Better Reason Than to Remind Him How Much We Love and Admire Him
Installment 27: In Which the Fur is Picked Clean Of Nits, Gnats, Naggers and Nuhdzes
Installment 28: In Which, With Wiles and Winces, We Waft Words Warranting, to Wit, Wonderful Wit
Installment 29: In Which Li’l White Lies Are Revealed to Be at Least Tattletale Gray
Installment 30 1/2: In Which 3 Cinematic Variations on “The Whimper of Whipped Dogs” Are Presented
Installment 30: In Which the Li’l White Lies Thesis (Part Two) Takes Us by the Snout and Drags Us Unwillingly Toward a Door We Fear to Open
Installment 31: In Which the Li’l White Lies Thesis (Part Three) Approaches a Nascent State, Approaches the Dreadful Door, and En Route Questions Meat Idolatry
Installment 32: In Which the Switch Is Thrown
Installment 33: In Which the Canine of Vacuity Is Wagged by the Far More Interesting Tale of O’Bannon
Installment 34: In Which We Praise Those Whose Pants’er on Fire, Noses As Long As a Telephone Wire

Appendix A: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Has Science Fiction Theme
Appendix B: Nightmare Nights At The Daisy

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