Illustrated Harlan Ellison (1980 Ace Books Mass Market Paperback)


An abridged, black-and-white, mass-market reprint of the Byron Preiss Visual Publications/Baronet Books oversized ILLUSTRATED HARLAN ELLISON from 1978.

Susan Ellison says: “This is the ugly, ugly version.”


Cover art by Michael Whelan.

“Repent, Harlequin!” Said the Ticktockman – Illustrated by Steranko (without the 3-D separations featured in the 1978 Baronet edition)
Riding the Dark Train Out – Illustrated by Ralph Reese
The Discarded – Illustrated by Thomas Sutton
Deeper Than the Darkness – Illustrated by Wayne McLaughlin
Shattered Like a Glass Goblin – Illustrated by William Stout
An Ellison Tapestry – Illustrations by Leo and Diane Dillon; text: Ellison on the Dillons
I’m Looking for Kadak – Illustrated by Overton Loyd
A word From Harlan Ellison

First American Mass Market Paperback Edition. 192p.

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