Mefisto in Onyx (1993 Mark V. Ziesing Books Trade Hardcover)


Relentlessly readable. Go ahead, try the first page of this powerful novella, and see if you can stop. Go ahead. Standing there in the bookstore, see if you can escape the pull of this twisty, dark tale of suspense and murder and people you will come to like a whole lot. Eating one potato chip is much easier.

What is this book about? Well, it’s Bester’s THE DEMOLISHED MAN as if it had been written by Jim Thompson or James M. Cain. It’s about a clever, high-verbal black guy named Rudy Pairis who once got it on with his friend Allison Roche, who is a Deputy District Attorney; and Ally, who is just by chance a white woman, is the one who put on Death Row a human killing machine named Henry Lake Spanning; and now Ally wants Rudy to go on down to Holman Prison, onto Death Row, to have a chat with this monster, this Henry Lake Spanning.

Why’s she want him to do that? Go ahead. Try for one potato chip. This sucker is relentlessly readable. So cancel your plans for tonight: you’ll be sitting home having a helluva time…reading.


Introduction by Frank Miller
Mefisto in Onyx

Book concept and art direction by Harlan Ellison, Jacket art by Frank Miller. Jacket design, hand-lettering and book design by Arnie Fenner.

First American Trade Hardcover, Corrected 2nd Printing, 91p.

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