On the Road with Ellison, Vol. 4 (Deep Shag Records, 2010) – Compact Disc (1 x CD)


On the Road with Ellison Volume Four is the latest report from Harlan Ellison and a life lived on the road. Featuring an exclusive new essay, Volume Four finds the author lecturing on the merits of Graham Greene to fast food fry cooks, packing heat for a wealthy neurotic, and perhaps blasting The Little Rascals into space – leaving his wife wondering if going to family barbeques are a good idea. Follow Harlan on the road and get inside the head of America’s most outspoken wordsmith. This is Ellison live on stage and anything goes.

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1. A Cautionary Prologue: Slippery, Also Gross, When Wet
2. And How Was Your Year? A Wandering Baedeker
3. How I Came To Be A Pistolero For The Weirdest Guy In The World
4. Babylon Jive, Or, In Straczynski We Trust
5. The Fanged Businessman
6. Quickies: Moments Minus Any Context
7. Mad About Jew
8. One For The Masters: Not a “Rant” – Just Passion Unleashed
9. I Ain’t Rude, I’ve Just Got A Low Bullshit Threshold
10. Philistinism Makes Lucid Copy For Dolts

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