Brain Movies: The Original Teleplays of Harlan Ellison® Volume 8 (2018 Edgeworks Abbey Trade Paperback; 1st edition)


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Cover by Bo Nash.

Created in 1965 and sold to Paramount Televison and NBC in 1969, Man without Time was to have starred Leonard Nimoy as Strang, a time traveler sent from a war-ravaged future to the present day to subtly alter the present day to avert a nightmarish tomorrow. Aided by Tex, a sentient computer, Strang involves himself in the lives of people whose historical footprints are greater than they could possibly imagine.

Having steered the playboy police captain Amos Burke into a life of espionage and masterminded adventures for Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin, Ellison was a natural choice to bring Derek Flint to the small screen in a pilot movie based on the two big-screen outings of James Coburn’s spy.

Throughout the 1970s, Harlan’s colleagues–Richard Matheson, William F. Nolan, and John Tomerlin–created and/or dramatized tales of the supernatural for producer-director Dan Curtis. In 1977, the Dark Shadows creator came calling at Ellison Wonderland, and Dark Destroyer was the result, though even Cordwainer Bird didn’t stir from his roost to disavow the final product.

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Man without Time 1965-10-11 Treatment
Man without Time 1969 Treatment
Man without Time 1969-05-27 Strang Pilot Segment
Man without Time 1969-07-29 Revised Pilot Treatment
Man without Time 1969-08-12 Strang Five Supplementary Pilot Segments

Striking Flintlock: and introduction by Harlan Ellison
Flint undated “Flintlock” Outline
Flint 1972-10-30 “Flintlock” 1st Draft Teleplay

Dark Destroyer 1976-02-02 Precis
Dark Destroyer 1976-03-08 Treatment
Dark Destroyer 1976-03-27 2nd Treatment (Precis) of Screenplay
Dark Destroyer 1976-04-20 3rd Treatment Outline
Dark Destroyer 1976-05-06 4th Treatment Outline
Dark Destroyer 1976-06-07 5th Treatment
Dark Destroyer 1976-08-12 1st Draft Screenplay (abandoned)

and editor’s notes by Jason Davis.

NOTE: Some of the documents in this book were reproduced from the author’s file copies. They originated on a manual typewriter, hence the idiosyncrasies that set them apart from the sanitized, word-processed pages of today. The progressive lightening of the text followed by a sudden darkening of the same, indicates the author has changed the typewriter’s ribbon; it is not a printing defect.

Throughout the works presented herein, there is evidence of the author’s revision: struck-out text, handwritten emendations (sometimes right off the page), and typewritten text printed over passages that were cancelled with correcting tape. These artifacts have been maintained to preserve the evidence of the writer’s process.

Earlier installments in the BRAIN MOVIES series have presented the author’s typescripts for various treatments and outlines. In an effort to create a better reader experience for these documents, they have been re-set for this book. Only teleplays will retain the look of the original file copies.


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