Children of the Streets (2020 Edgeworks Abbey Archive Trade Paperback)

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Five years in the making, the Edgeworks Abbey Archive represents Harlan Ellison’s last word on his written legacy. Researched and edited by Ellison’s long-time associate, Jason Davis, under the supervision of Harlan and Susan Ellison, this collection assembles the preferred texts of each story and essay along with previously uncollected and unpublished material to create the definitive edition.

When he is down, kick for the head and groin. Avoid cops. Play it cool. There are not many rules in the primer for gang kids, but they all count. They are all easily understood, because they use a simple and sound philosophy—it’s a stinking life, so get your kicks while you can. The gang is home, take what you want, tell them nothing—and do not get caught. Two gangs of juvenile delinquents run riot in New York City. They constantly try to outdo each other with their clothes, weapons, language, and lack of morals. They are not just kids playing at war—they mean business. The only person who can infiltrate the gang is someone they can trust, someone like themselves. Someone who knows how to handle a knife and a gun…

If all you know of Harlan Ellison is his speculative fiction, prepare yourself for the breakneck reality of CHILDREN OF THE STREETS.

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Edited by Jason Davis, director of the Harlan Ellison Books Preservation Project.

Cover photograph by Marty Woess of Prospect Park, where many of the book’s stories take place.

The complete table of contents of the 2004 Severn House hardcover of CHILDREN OF THE STREETS, including last-minute revisions by the author that were not incorporated into the published edition.

  • 2004 CE: Looking Down the Street
  • 1961 CE: Ten Weeks in Hell
  • No Way Out
  • Matinee Idyll
  • No Game for Children
  • The Rough Boys
  • A Tiger at Nightfall
  • School for Killers
  • Memory of a Muted Trumpet
  • Stand Still and Die!
  • Gang Girl

NEW Edgeworks Abbey Archive Content:

From the Gutters to the Streets by Jason Davis
An original essay detailing the history of Ellison’s fourth short story collection.

Story Introductions: 1958-2001
Ellison-written commentary on the stories from an early assembly of THE DEADLY STREETS and OPENING SHOTS, edited by Lawrence Block.

School for Killers (previously unpublished)
Ellison’s preliminary outline of a novel to run approximately 60,000 words.

Black Money & Blind Date
Two 1957 short stories previously collected in the limited-edition PS Publishing volume, PEBBLES FROM THE MOUNTAIN.

6″ x 9″ Trade Paperback, approx. 236p. ISBN: 978-1-946542-63-2.

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