Foe: Friends of Ellison (2018 Edgeworks Abbey, 1st Edition Trade Paperback)


Wraparound cover by Jason Davis.

“Friendship is a nice thing.
It helps mortar up the chinks in one’s wearying soul.”

Harlan Ellison valued friendship highly, and any of his friends–appreciated or memorialized in this collection of essays–could offer up stories of how far the man would go to help out those individuals who represented that most precious of interpersonal commodities. FOE: Friends of Ellison, named for the organization created by Peter David to combat The Enemies of Ellison, assembles previously uncollected essays on Harlan’s pals. Some were written for books by the subjects, some were written for convention programs honoring the subjects, and far too many were written to lament the loss of the subjects.


Sources (Ray Bradbury & Fritz Leiber)
Faster than the Speed of Bester: A Few Words of Introduction to One of the Most Fecund Writers the World Has Ever Spawned (Alfred Bester)
Introductory note to “The Howling Man” by Charles Beaumont
Concerning David Gerrold
On the Vanishment of an Old Friend, In Memoriam: Bill Rotsler
Fer Chrissakes, Schwartz, Get Outta My Face! (Julius Schwartz)
A Few Words of Tribute about Frank Herbert
Li’l Harlan and His Sidekick Carl the Comet in Danger Land (Carl Sagan)
Foreword to THE RETURN OF THE BLACK WIDOWERS by Isaac Asimov
Introduction to THE SHRINKING MAN by Richard Matheson
Van Is Here, But Van Is Gone (A. E. van Vogt)
The Monarch of the Best of All Possible Worlds: An Appreciation of J. Michael Straczynski
Introduction to THE SANDMAN: Seasons of Mist by Neil Gaiman
Introduction to FALLEN ANGEL by Peter David
She Was Estelle (Octavia E. Butler)
Introduction to CHEKOV’S ENTERPRISE by Walter Koenig
And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, a Man Who Needs No Introduction… (Jack Williamson)
Peter David: Of Thee I Sing
Introduction to ELECTRIC DREAMS: The Art of Barclay Shaw
In Praise, in Awe, of Jack Vance
Philip José Farmer: Portrait of the Artist as the Great Wall of China
The Universe According to Laumer (Keith Laumer)
My Pal Datlow, the Big ‘D’ (Ellen Datlow)
The Final Adventure of Harlan in Avramland (Avram Davidson)
Anne McCaffrey: The Naked Truth; An Appreciation, Albeit an Exposé
The Eternal Curmudgeon: A Few Words Anent Michael Moorcock
The Dearest Lee Who Ever Lived (Lee Hoffman)
Grandmaster Robert Silverberg: A Revised, Updated, Expanded Appreciation, with Some of the Schmaltz Stains Still On It

Essays in bold have been added to the table of contents since the book was offered for pre-order in September 2018.

178 pages

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