Spider Kiss (1975 Pyramid Mass Market)


A fabulous rock novel of the Funky Fifties. In the days when Elvis hadn’t yet been on the Ed Sullivan Show; when nobody but blacks dug Otis, B. B. and Chuck; Janis and Jimi were 12 years old; & the superstar was a ratfink with a voice like a



#6 in Pyramid’s uniform Harlan Ellison collection.

Cover by Leo & Diane Dillon.

from Time magazine, 28 February 1969:
“Harlan Ellison, a California freelance writer, recalls a harrowing night in San Diego three years ago when he was touring with The Rolling Stones. Spotting a young groupie crawling along the ledge outside his second-floor hotel room, he opened a sliding glass door to let her in, but she slipped, fell into the ocean—breaking her wrist—and had to be fished out by the Coast Guard. Ellison had barely recovered from that fright when another girl walked through his door and asked him if he was a friend of the Stones. When he said yes, she stripped and flopped onto his bed.”

How did Harlan Ellison, the most honored writer in the field of imaginative literature, come to be traveling with The Rolling Stones (or later, with Three Dog Night)? Apart from his very individual writing talent, he had been into rock since the early Fifties (when an early purchase for his record collection was the rhythm&blues 45 single of Day, Dawn and Dusk doing “Miss Petunia” on the Apollo label), and Elvis’ managers were sniffing around for an option on a rock novel Ellison had written in the Sixties. So that’s how. And the background and ambience of the early Fifties rock scene he absorbed is shown to perfection in this long out-of-print story of a rapacious young singer on his way up. It’s top-line Ellison!

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