Stalking the Nightmare (1984 Berkley Mass Market, 2nd printing)


Harlan Ellison.

“When you take it right back down home, you come to this: the man is a ferociously talented writer…”

Published for the first time in paperback, this exciting array of stories and essays exhibits the full range of one of today’s most controversial, imaginative, and innovative talents. So be prepared. You’re not only going to stalk the nightmare. You’re with a master hunter…and you’re going to catch it.
Or will the nightmare catch you?

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Foreword by Stephen King
Introduction: Quiet Lies the Locust Tells
The Outpost Undiscovered by Tourists
Scenes From the Real World Part I: The 3 Most Important Things in Life
Visionary (with Joe L. Hensley)
Djinn, No Chaser
Invasion Footnote
Scenes From the Real World Part II: Saturn November, 11th
Night of Black Glass
Final Trophy
The Cheese Stands Alone
Scenes From the Real World III: Somehow, I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas, Toto
Transcending Destiny
The Hour That Stretches
The Day I Died
3 Tales From the Mountains of Madness: Tracking Level, Tiny Ally & The Goddess in the Ice
Scenes From the Real World IV: Gopher in the Gilly

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