Harlan Ellison Hornbook, The (1st Trade Hard Cover)

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THE HARLAN ELLISON HORNBOOK collects 46 essays from the Los Angeles Weekly News, The Los Angeles Free Press, and The Saint Louis Literary Supplement as well as six essays including “Did Your Mother Throw Yours Out?” on comic books.

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1st Trade Hardcover, Penzler Books, 1990

Author’s Note
Foreword: The Cricket Beneath the Hammer, by Robert Crais
Introduction: The Lost Secrets of East Atlantis
1: Everything I Know About My Father
2: Valerie, Part One
3: Valerie, Part Two
4: Valerie, Part Three
5: Getting Stiffed
6: The Tyranny of the Weak, and Some Foreshadowing
7: With Bloch and Bormann in Brazil
8: The First of Three Culinary Comments
9: No Offense Intended, but Fuck Xmas
10: The Day I Died
11-20: Harlan Ellison’s Movie, A Complete Screenplay [N.B. The screenplay is not included in this edition.]
21: Fair Weather Friends
22: Troubling Thoughts About Godhood, Part One
23: Bless That Pesky Wabbit
24: Troubling Thoughts About Godhood, Part Two
25: Where Shadow Collides with Reality: A Preamble
26: When I Was a Hired Gun, Part One
27: When I Was a Hired Gun, Part Two
28: A Rare, Kindly Thought
29: 3 Small Pleasures for a More Endurable Existence
30: Varieties of Venue
31: Why I Fantasize About Using an AK-47 on Teenagers
32: In Which the Imp of Delight Tries to Make the World Smile
33: I Go to Bed Angry Every Night, and Wake Up Angrier the Next Morning
34: Ahbhu
35: Death Row, San Quentin, Part One
36: Death Row, San Quentin, Part Two
37: College Days, Part One
38: The Death-Wish of an Golden Idea
39: College Days, Part Two
40: College Days, Part Three
41: The Last of Three Culinary Comments, Gonzo-Style,
42: Out of the Mail Bag
43: Oh, Dear, He’s Not Going to Do Xmas Again, Is He?
44: The Death of My Mother, Serita R. Ellison
45: Enormous Dumb
46: Revealed at Last! What Killed the Dinosaurs! And You Don’t Look So Terrific Yourself

A: Comic of the Absurd All in Color for a Dime
B: Dogging It in the Great American Heartland
C: Darkness Falls on the City of the Angels Los Angeles
D: Lenny Bruce Is Dead
E: Did Your Mother Throw Yours Out?
F: The Song the Sixties Sang
G: The Dingbat Appendix

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