This first-ever Harlan Ellison miscellany collects bits&pieces spanning from 1951 to 2018, including his high-school newspaper column; articles written for Uncle Sam’s Armor School; uncredited profiles on Stanley Kubrick, Stanley Ellin, and Tom Lehrer; remembrances of Gerald Kersh, John D. MacDonald, and Julie Schwartz; quotes from StarlogPlaygirl, and WRITING FOR TELEVISION; as well as “Ellison Unfrocked,” a compilation of phony Ellison biographies assembled for Mad Media 5 in 1998.

Published in 2019 exclusively for backers of the Harlan Ellison Books Preservation Project

Edited by Jason Davis

Cover photographs by Roddy McDowell


The Educated Ellison (High School & College writings from the Blue & Gold and the Sundial)
The Enlisted Ellison (Army writings from the Ft. Knox newspaper, Inside the Turret)
The Rogue Ellison (Uncredited material from HE’s editorial stint at Rogue)
The Elegiac Ellison (Obituaries and other remembrances)
The Contributory Ellison (Odds&Ends from fanzines, magazines, newspapers, etc)
The (un)Conventional Ellison (Writings from convention programs)

Edgeworks Abbey / Trade Paperback / 6″ x 9″ / 150p / ISBN: 978-1-946542-03-8