A collection of Harlan Ellison-written introductions was inevitable, and this one specifically gathers essays written to accompany other writers’ works or defunct Ellison collections unlikely ever to be reprinted.

Published in 2019 exclusively for backers of the Harlan Ellison Books Preservation Project

Edited by Jason Davis

Cover photographs by Jacques Chambon

Context on the Lack of Context by Jason Davis
(Definitely Not an) Introduction to THE MIRROR OF NIGHTby Robert Lannes
A Word About Individuality (from the unpublished collection, SPACEMAN ALONE by Harlan Ellison)
How I Got Sick (from A TOUCH OF INFINITY by Harlan Ellison)
Kersh, the Demon Prince (from NIGHTSHADE & DAMNATION: The Finest Stories of Gerald Kersh, edited by Harlan Ellison)
Postscript to THE RAVISHED by Richard E. Geis
Postscript to THE TOUR: Hell’s Heated Vacancies by Michael Perkins
Introduction to DANGEROUS VISIONS, Volume 2
Introduction to DANGEROUS VISIONS, Volume 3
Introduction, in Brief, to THE TIME OF THE EYE by Harlan Ellison
Gale Warning (from STORMTRACK by James Sutherland)
The ΦΨΩ of ABC (from AUTUMN ANGELS by Arthur Byron Cover)
Nice Guys Finish Somewhere in the Middle (from THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE by Terry Carr)
A Fineness of 0.995 (from INVOLUTION OCEAN by Bruce Sterling)
Sailing the Dark with the Bentfin Boomer Bappa Zappa Kid (from SPACE WAR BLUES by Richard A. Lupoff)
Afterword to THE ILLUSTRATED HARLAN ELLISON by Harlan Ellison
Introducing Doctor Who (from DOCTOR WHO AND THE DAY OF THE DALEKS by Terrance Dicks)
Introduction to WORMWOOD by Terry Dowling
Good Morning, Sweden; I Am Not Hans Christian Andersen (from ENSAMVÄRK by Harlan Ellison)
Introduction to JOKES WITHOUT PUBNCHLINES by Harlan Ellison
Good Morning, Russia; I Am Not Korney Ivanovich Chukovski (from the Russian collection, THE WORLDS OF HARLAN ELLISON by Harlan Ellison)
Approximately 660 Words of Greeting Translated into the Estonian Language, a Member of the Finno-Ugric Branch of the Uralic Language Family (from KOLETIS, KES KUULUTAS ARMASTUST MAAILMA SUDAMES by Harlan Ellison)
Introduction to “The Human Chair” by Edegawa Rampo (from MY FAVORITE HORROR STORY)
Introduction to PATRON OF THE ARTS by William Rotsler
The Short, Sad Miracle of Jessie Thompson (from the September 2009 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction)

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