7 Against Chaos (DC Hardcover)


Harlan Ellison’s treatment for Filmation comes to life as an original graphic novel from Paul Chadwick (Concrete) and Ken Steacy (Night and the Enemy).

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By Harlan Ellison® and Paul Chadwick with Ken Steacy.

In the far-flung future, humanity has colonized the solar system, conquered its genetics, and mastered its destiny. Decadent societies sprawl across the known worlds, built on the backs of slaves—powerful robots and extraordinary “reordered” humans, designed for war, labor, and pleasure alike.

But humanity’s hubris is about to meet its nemesis. A fire buried millions of years ago is flaring up to consume them all, stoked by an enemy who will stop at nothing to see mankind wiped from existence. And the fate of history itself lies in the hands of seven of society’s rejects:

Urr, the renegade robot. …Mourna, the seven-foot Amazon with claws for hands. …Tantalus, the insect-man. …Ayleen, Venusian noblewoman whose fire power threatens to consume her. …Hoorn, the cat burglar with no face. …Kenrus, the disgraced technologist who’s as paranoid as he is brilliant. …and the mysterious Robed Man with scarred hands who gathered them.

Only these seven stand against the coming chaos. Can they come together to save the very species that spurned them?

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