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BLOOD’S BARGAINs  are books that have sustained cosmetic damage but are still readable. From badly aligned spines and miscut covers to serious bumps, bruises, and scuffs, think of these as books Blood salvaged from the post-apocalyptic wastes in an effort to civilize Vic.

Muggers, slashers, street gangs, lurkers in the shadows: no need to read Lovecraft to be thoroughly terrified. Just read these 16 violent tales…or take a walk in the park tonight.

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#8 in Pyramid’s uniform Harlan Ellison collection.

Remember Charles Bronson stalking through the streets of New York blowing holes in muggers in Death Wish? Remember Glenn Ford standing off the vicious juvenile delinquents in Blackboard Jungle? Well, it’s twenty years and two different worlds from 1955 to 1975. And something the author of these stories knows, that you’re scared to admit, is that reality and fantasy have flip-flopped. They have switched positions, changed places. The nameless horrors of yesterday’s fantasy fiction are soft pink-and-white bunny rabbit stories today: you read them for god-thankful escape from the horrors of the real world. The stories that scare the crap out of you today are the ones about rapists, and thugs in doorways, psychos who’ll carve you for a dollar, and hypes who’ll bust your head to get fixed. Glenn Ford’s world was yesterday, and Bronson’s is today. And here, in the stalking midnight of this book, America’s top fantasy writer, Harlan Ellison, looks at both worlds of naked fear!

Cover by Leo & Diane Dillon.

New Introduction: Avoiding Dark Places
Introduction to First Edition: Some Sketches of the Damned
Rat Hater
I’ll Bet You a Death
We Take Care of Our Dead
The Man With the Golden Tongue
Johnny Slice’s Stoolie
Joy Ride
Buy Me That Blade!
The Hippie Slayer
Kid Killer
With a Knife in Her Hand
Sob Story (with Henry Slesar)
Look Me in the Eye, Boy!
The Dead Shot
Ship-Shape Pay-Off (with Robert Silverberg)
Made in Heaven
Students of the Assassin

2nd Printing. ISBN: 9780515039313.

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