Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor, Volume 2


Ten years after the first volume, Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor returns for one final fling, featuring Ellison adaptations by comicdom’s finest.

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Interstitial Framing Sequences created and written by Harlan Ellison, illustrated by Eric Shanower
“The Silver Corridor” adapted by Mark Waid & Ty Templeton, illustrated by Gene Ha
“Opposites Attract” adapted by Tony Isabella, illustrated by Rags Morales
“Djinn, No Chaser” adapted by Gerard Jones, illustrated by Jay Lynch
“One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty” adapted by Jan Strnad, illustrated by Paul Chadwick
“Goodbye to All That” by Harlan Ellison, illustrated by Kent Bash
“The Voice in the Garden” illustrated by Brett Blevins
“The Discarded” adapted by Steve Niles, pencilled by Steve Rude
“Gnomebody” adapted by John Ostrander, pencilled by Martin Nodell
“Moonlighting” adapted by Diana Schultz and Harlan Ellison, illustrated by Gene Colan
“Eyes of Dust” (fragment) adapted by Steve Niles, illustrated by Curt Swan
“Rock God” written by Harlan Ellison, illustrated by Neal Adams
“Are You Listening?” adapted by Elliot St Maggin, pencilled by Rafael Navarro
“The Lingering Scent of Woodsmoke” by Harlan Ellison, painting by Terese Nielsen
“The Man on the Juice Wagon” adapted by Jan Strnad, illustrated by Richard Corben

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