HERC (Harlan Ellison Record Collection) Membership (4-issues)


Originally established to sell authoritative recordings of Harlan’s stories on vinyl, the Harlan Ellison Recording Collection has evolved–over the last 35 years–into both a distribution venue for Harlan’s back catalog (as well as new titles from HarlanEllisonBooks.com) and a news source to keep readers au courant on all things Ellisonian (via the Rabbit Hole, edited by Jason Davis).

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A HERC membership lasts for four issues of the Rabbit Hole, however long it takes to publish them. (As of November 2019, the newsletter is back on a quarterly schedule after nearly two decades of erratic publication.)

At present, HERC members receive a 10% discount on non-sale items (including signed items and pre-ordered books) at HarlanEllisonBooks.com/shop. This is a privilege, not a guarantee, and HarlanEllisonBooks.com reserved the right to rescind the discount at any time. To receive your discount, enter the coupon code–found in the fine print of the most recent issue of the Rabbit Hole–on the VIEW CART screen during checkout. The HERC discount cannot be retroactively applied to previous orders. (This discount is incompatible with other promotions, and cannot be applied after a purchase has been completed. If you experience difficulty, contact ellison.editor@gmail.com before you complete the transaction.)

HERC memberships begin (or continue) with the next issue of the Rabbit Hole published after you join (or renew), unless you make special arrangements via e-mail to ellison.editor@gmail.com.

It is the member’s responsibility to notify the editor–via e-mail at ellison.editor@gmail.com or via post to HERC P.O. Box 55548 Sherman Oaks, CA 91413–of changes to their mailing address.

N.B. On 28 November 2019, based on data gathered over the preceding year, the HERC membership was reduced from six to four issues of the Rabbit Hole per subscription. All subscriptions made before that date will be honored according to the terms in effect when payment was received.

On 21 March 2021, HarlanEllisonBooks.com reserved the right to terminate the 10% member discount at any time. Please remember that your membership entitles you to four issues of the Rabbit Hole and that the discount is an additional privilege extended by Susan Ellison and Jason Davis.

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