Late, Great Arnie Draper (The) in ADAM (February 1967)


Volume 11, Number 2

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N.B. This magazine is a file copy from Harlan Ellison’s collection. In the late 1990s, Susan Ellison gathered surplus issues of magazines to which Harlan had contributed, bagged them with certificates signed by Harlan and bearing the seal of his library, and put them aside intending to offer them in a future issue of the Rabbit Hole. Twenty years later, while working on the Harlan Ellison Books Preservation Project, editor Jason Davis discovered the forgotten stockpile and reminded the Ellisons of its existence.

This magazine contains adult content. By placing your order, you signify that you are legally allowed to purchase and receive such materials in your locale.

This February 1967 issue of Adam features the first magazine appearance of Harlan’s story “The Late, Great Arnie Draper.”

The magazine comes with a HERC certificate signed by Harlan on 13 May 1998.

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