Mind Fields (1994 Morpheus International Trade Paperback) – BLOOD’S BARGAINS


BLOOD’S BARGAINs  are books that have sustained cosmetic damage but are still readable. From badly aligned spines and miscut covers to serious bumps, bruises, and scuffs, think of these as books Blood salvaged from the post-apocalyptic wastes in an effort to civilize Vic.

America’s master dark fantasy writer joins with the creative mastery of one of Europe’s leading contemporary fantastique painters. The result is MIND FIELDS and a rare and magical synergy is born.

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The Art of Jacek Yerka / The Fiction of Harlan Ellison®

34 paintings & 34 original short stories

The Creation of Water
Twilight in the Cupboard
Amok Harvest
Theory of Tension
Back to Nature
Internal Inspection
Metropolis II
In the Oligocenskie Gardens
Attack at Dawn
Between Heaven & Hell
Shed of Rebellion
To Each His Own
The Inquisition
Beneath the Dunes
The Silence
Darkness Falls on the River
Express Delivery
The Agitators
Truancy at the Pond
Foraging in the Field
Traffic Prohibited
Afternoon With the Bros. Grimm
The Cosmic Barnyard
Under the Landscape
Ellison Wonderland
Please Don’t Slam the Door
After Thoughts: Author’s Notes

Trade Paperback.

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