Rough Beasts (2012 Edgeworks Abbey Trade Paperback; 3rd edition)


Seventeen early stories Harlan wrote before he got up to speed.

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Includes—for the first time since its original publication in the April 1957 issue of Super-Science Fiction—”Invulnerable,” which STEPHEN KING described as “…one of my favorite stories…” when it nearly appeared in Ellison’s 1982 collection, STALKING THE NIGHTMARE. It’s taken 30 years, but “Invulnerable” is finally available again.

Every story has been revised by the author specifically for this collection.

Stories include: “Invulnerable” (1957), “Like Father, Like Son” (1957), “Walk the Ceiling” (1957), “The Kissing Dead” (1956, written with Henry Slesar), “Across the Silent Days” (1958), “Star Route” (1955), “Backlash!” (1956), “Machine Silent, Machine Yearning” (1957), “Way of an Assassin” (1958), “Fool’s Mate” (1958), “The Untouchable Adolescents” (1956), “The Little Boy Who Loves Cats” (1954), “Parasite” (1955), “Up the Down Escalator” (1955), “Glug” (1958), “Hit-Skip” (1957), and “Why Did Wallace Crack?” (1956).

A beautiful cover by C. Scott Morse.

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