Glass Teat, The (1st Edition, 1970 Ace)


Harlan Ellison’s first book of television criticism.

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Ace; 1st Edition

Cover by Leo & Diane Dillon.

America: Change it…or loose it!

That is the powerful message of this no-holds-barred book of tv criticism, chosen from a year’s worth of weekly assaults on racism, pollution, half-witted situation comedies, corrupt politicians, asinine talk-shows, monstrous bad taste, and the fat-cat blindness of the Establishment ending in suicidal civil disorder.

These 52 memorable and uncompromising hard-looks at our society and the world pull together, for the first time, the tangled lines of McLuhanesque communication that shape our daily lives…

All as seen by Harlan Ellison, firebrand young tv columnist of the Los Angeles Free Press.

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